• Is hot melt adhesive film toxic? Is it environmentally friendly glue?

    Hot melt adhesive film is an emerging adhesive in recent years. It has many advantages that traditional glues do not have. Through its wider application range, some people who do not understand may not understand why hot melt adhesive film can replace traditional glue so quickly, and some people ...
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  • What temperature is better when using hot melt adhesive film?

    Many people who know the hot melt adhesive film know that the hot melt adhesive film needs to be heated to a certain temperature when it is used, and it can be converted into the ability to align the two adherend surfaces together. So, what is this certain temperature? Maybe not everyone knows it...
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  • What to do if the screen printing pattern text is wrong or the customer temporarily changes the pattern

    Screen printing is one of the common printing technology. It is the combination of screen inks to print the pattern and text color on the substrate. The color presented in this way is brighter and more durable than ordinary inkjet printing. Long, not easy to fade, so what should we do when we hav...
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  • High melting point hot melt adhesive film-high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive film product introduction

    Those who are familiar with hot melt adhesive film know that there are high, medium and low temperature melting points for hot melt adhesive films. So, what are the hot melt adhesive films with high temperature melting point? What are the high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive films, and wh...
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  • The latest digital printing release film developed by our company

    Good News! Our Company’s latest research and development of digital printing release film, features: 1, can absorb 100% white ink; 2, High Pattern Clarity; 3, the surface dry, clean powder. Printing pattern bright color, high precision, good color fastness, elastic does not crack. It is one...
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  • Is hot melt rubber flammable?

    Are hot melt particles flammableAlthough hot melt colloidal particles are chemical products, but even if the open flame burns, it will only carbonize in the end, it will not burn itself, so hot melt colloidal particles are not flammable.General hot melt adhesive particles, we all know that it is ...
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  • Processing and application of shrinkable polyester (PET) film

    Processing and application of shrink PET filmPET thermal shrinkage film is a new type of thermal shrinkage packaging material. Polyester (PET) has become an ideal substitute for PVC (PVC) thermal shrinkage film in developed countries due to its characteristics such as easy recovery, non-toxic, ta...
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  • Thermal transfer heat transfer process

    The process according to the hot stamping method can be divided into first tear, cold tear and hot tear. Glass Bead Hot art belongs to the first tear process, is in the hot stamping, will be the pattern from the PET film above tear down, positioning to print on the fabric. Cold Tear process inclu...
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  • Introduction of heat transfer

    Hot Painting, according to the feel and visual effects are divided into: Flat Hot Painting and three-dimensional hot painting. Flat hot painting also includes: Offset hot painting, swimsuit hot painting, Pearl hot painting, Korean bright face hot painting, Korean dumb face hot painting, gold / S...
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  • How to test the release force of pet film while peeling?

    How to test the release force of pet film while peeling?

    PET material was developed by DuPont in the early 1970s, and was mainly used in industry. For example, the Coca Cola plastic bottle we see today is made of pet. We use this Peel strength tester as below: Application: surface protection, mechanical and transfer printing and so on. PET film mate...
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  • How do we call Pet film?

    How do we call Pet film?

    Pet: Chinese name is 聚对苯二甲酸乙二醇酯, English Name: polyethylene terephthalate, we call pet for short, sometimes also called PET film. It is a milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with smooth and glossy surface. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide...
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  • Heat transfer printing methods on pet film

    Heat transfer printing methods on pet film

    Dongguan Jinlong Heat Transfer Material Co. Ltd. ADD: Macheng Industrial Zone, Chigang Management District, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Tel:+86-769-85550877 Fax:+86-769-85700733 We all are in this corona-virus fight together , get through the terri...
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