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Newest OEKOTEX certification about hot melt adhesive powder

2024-04-17 15:51:35

The latest OEKOTEX certification for hot melt adhesive powder had been updated and approved today, which has brought a wave of excitement and confidence to the industry. OEKOTEX, the globally recognized certification system for textiles and related materials, recently announced its latest certification standards for hot melt adhesive powders to ensure that they meet the highest environmental and safety requirements.


OEKOTEX certification demonstrates a manufacturer's commitment to producing hot melt adhesive powders that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly and safe to use. This certification assures consumers and businesses that a product has been thoroughly tested and complies with strict regulations regarding hazardous substances. Businesses that rely on hot melt adhesive powders can now confidently choose products with the OEKOTEX standard 100 certification, knowing they are making a responsible choice for their operations and the environment. This certification provides users with peace of mind that products have been rigorously tested and meet the highest industry standards for safety and sustainability.

We, Jinlong New Material Technology Co., Ltd, ensure you that all our products are meet the highest environmental and safety requirements. We producing high-quality, environmentally responsible products and providing assurance to consumers and businesses. With this certification, the industry takes a proactive stance on sustainability and safety, setting a positive example for other industries.