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Cold and hot peel PET film for screen printing

This heat transfer release PET film can be hot and cold peel both uses, which is made of excellent and stable matte coating, very good printing effect for screen printing on sticker, mark, high density printing as well. After heat press, easily to peel off, no edge bonding, antistatic treatment on the back side. The basic standard about best quality of heat transfer release coated pet film is the stability after heat press with temperatures 160 degress, 6 seconds, no shrinking, no scrape by nails at all so that it won’t be any problem on the process. It’s been widely used in silk screen printing, lithographic printing, inkjet plate making, offset printing, AD printing and so on. Oekotex certification, OEM and ODM service , professional after-sales service are our guarantee for you.


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    Code No. :


    Material Type:

    PET film

    Printing Method:

    Screen printing




    Cold peel


    Semi-transparent milky white


    130~150℃/266~302F or up to adhesives/hot melt powders used:


    Water base/solvent base


    20~30 pounds,6S

    Supply ability:

    500,000 sheets per day↵


    Single,(double side coated is allowed)


    75/100 microns,OR customized


    Cottons,chemical fiber,cotton blend fabrics, EVA non-woven fabrics,leather&other heat resistant fabrics


    19**25”19.5**27.5”,OR customized+


    1000/1500pcs per bag/carton,20000pcs per pallet

    Delivery Time:

    3~7 Days,depends on order quantity-

    Brand Name:


    Place Of Origin:



    The primary application of heat transfer PET film is in the textile industry, where it is utilized for printing images on various items using the heat transfer printing technique. This method is well-suited for PET film and paper, and is also effective for printing images on a wide range of materials, such as garments and textiles.


    ● Enhanced anti-static properties on the backside
    ● Excellent resistance to humidity and scratches
    ● Available with single or double-sided release coating
    ● Extended shelf life of approximately 1 year
    ● Superior ink absorption layer
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    About us:

    Jinlong New Material Technology Company has a capital of 30 million yuan and spans an area of 30,000 square meters. We are equipped with 3 German automatic grinding lines, 3 four-head coating lines, and other state-of-the-art equipment that meets international environmental protection standards. Our products adhere to European N-71, ROHS, and American ASTM standards.
    Our company ethos revolves around “customer first, quality first,” characterized by a steadfast management style, diligent work ethic, continuous innovation, and a commitment to providing customers with the most professional technology, highest quality, and responsible after-sales service, along with Oekotex certification. We invite you to join us in achieving greater success.

    Our story:

    Established in 2004, Jinlong Heat Transfer Material Co., Ltd (JLheattransfer) initially focused on manufacturing hot melt glue for the heat transfer printing industry. Under the leadership of our CEO, Mr. Zhangshangyang, JLheattransfer expanded into the broader heat transfer materials industry and textile printing glue. This led to the establishment of two branches: JINLONG HOT MELT ADHESIVE CO., LTD. and JINLONG NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Over the past 12 years, we have integrated advanced technology, professional customer service, and innovative application ideas into our company. We are committed to continually upgrading and improving our techniques and products to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence, with OEKOTEX certification.

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    Promise of our products

    We source our raw materials exclusively from leading vendors, ensuring high-grade materials in various specifications. Our products are widely recognized in the market for consistent results and superior quality standards, certified with OEKOTEX and the environmental standards of the United States ASTM.
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    For over 20 years, we have been the leading manufacturer of PET film and hot melt powder, offering the best quality, competitive pricing, responsible after-sales service, and professional technology support in the printing material market.



    We will also keep our concentration on this market.